Friday, August 20, 2010

When one door closes, two doors open.

I love long talks.
I love long walks.
I love long hugs (:

A hug could totally make someone feel so much better. It's that warmth, that warmth that warms up the cold-ness in you. I love really warm people. Like you wouldn't feel sad or lonely when you're beside them, just brightens up your dayyy (:
I'm so amazed how things can change over night, I'm amazed how people can change too. Really, there is so many WHYs in my head,
I don't think I could get them all answered. And when you can't help but feel the negativity, and like if things happen and you don't have the ability to make everything go right or rather make them FALL BACK INTO PLACE.
The world's so... amusing? Cos you don't know what tomorrow will bring. It's almost as unpredictable, much worst than the weather these days.
I am so afraid of the words that I utter, the things and actions I would make now.
I am afraid of losing things and people I would never imagine myself losing.

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