Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Made of steel.

We will not fail in life until our last breath. We are given chances to set them right -Syed

I always tell myself, to give another chance, even just for a proper friendship.
Second chances are not easily earn, nor are they hard to come by.
But actions speak louder than words. I don't care much about words, but i watch the actions.
And the actions fail me, and just smack me with a "see, told you Nana, you're wrong about changes and second chances. You're wrong about people, and wrong about giving a chance to trust. Trust again, you asked for it."

Hi August, it has been 1 year & 8 months.. it has been quite awhile since i took a break from heart matters. How strange, its never ending for heartbreak hotel. I am not in to break anybody's heart. Neither do i want to be broken when i already in pieces. Friends, just a recent one, disappoint me the most. As much as i have took a risk opening myself up, it sure proved me right about what i knew. But well, people just loves to take risk even despite knowing the danger out there. But i guess i'm not up for risks, cos' when i get hurt after i tried, i run back to my shell and hide again.. Back to my hermit life.

I always tell myself, not to shut anyone away and let time heal everything that anyone has broke inside of me..
But i guess as time goes by, it gets colder, harsher and harder.
More and more disappointments comes one after another, friends, emotions, crushes,
it's harder than before and i'm tired of being a emotionless stone.

At the end of the day,
I just wonder when will I start to stop building walls.

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