Sunday, August 22, 2010

Facebook, you're a chore now.

I love you too Sayang (:

I used to Love you facebook.
I used to sit infront of my computer screen staring at you almost half the entire day, at your home page, looking at things you have saved and updated about my friends.
I used to depend you on for my events calendar, where you will remind me about my friend's birthday, and events that I have been requested to attend for, or events I myself have created.
I always turn to you, when I have something to shout out on my own wall, something to connect with my fellow friends, especially times when i'm down or confused.
I even share wise quotes with you didn't you see that?
I used to write on people's wall, make jokes, cheer them up, wish them happy birthday, or maybe a simple small wall text to tell them how much i've missed you.
You help me save-keep really nice pleasant memories, on messages and on photos.
And then, I really appreciated your existence.

But Facebook, did you realise, you create nuisance too?
It's like, you're way tooooooooo smart for us now. Don't you think?
it's hard to keep up with you.
You update people's status way too fast on your news feed.
You have that LIKE button everywhere, even people could LIKE hateful comments and thus creating stupid misunderstandings, and unnecessary sadness ):
Why didn't you have a filter Facebook? Only then maybe I would love you more.
People just deletes you from Facebook because they are unhappy.
And cos you have that Block Application thing, you make everything so inconveniently convenient.
But still?
Sometimes I wish that you weren't that multi purpose friendly Facebook.
Why can't you just be a site that connects everyone, instead of connecting them and then deconnects them back again?

I'm sorry Facebook.
Oh, and can you please have the DISLIKE button soon?

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